Real estate hack: 3 steps to earning passive income without renters

How Mark Podolsky closed 192 deals working an average of 2 hours a week
  • County research is a crucial part of the process for purchasing land. Look for vacant properties with delinquent taxes as they’re easier to buy at a low price.
  • Always offer less than the land is worth. If you don’t buy your properties at a discounted price, you’ll never be able to turn a profit.
  • Emphasize seller financing while marketing. This is the key to generating passive income via land resale and will broaden your buyer pool.

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Plenty of real estate agents earn passive income by renting out investment properties, but did you know that there’s a way to generate passive earnings without the hassle of renters? That’s right -- it’s possible to collect a check every month with a different type of real estate investment strategy. Mark Podolsky Mark Podolsky, a professional land investor with more than a decade of experience, sat down with Pat Hiban to explain how it works. Essentially, Podolsky’s strategy is a unique take on land resale. Instead of buying land and reselling it to someone who has the ability to purchase it outright, Podolsky resells his properties to people who need seller financing. Not only does this increase his pool of potential buyers, but it also allows him to generate passive earnings every month. Read about his three-step process, and consider giving it a shot. To learn about his system in more detail, listen to the complete podcast interview below. [audio mp3...