Why isn’t my social media working? 7 common mistakes

Avoid these common pitfalls to increase your success and get a leg up on the competition
  • Social media is about having an engaged conversation. Avoid being all about you by posting only listings or only talking about yourself. Be active, up-to-date and consistent.

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Wondering why your social media isn’t yielding the results you’ve heard about? You aren’t alone. I would venture to say that 80 percent of real estate agents are asking themselves that very question. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are channels that have already been proven to work, but they only work when used properly. If you’re not producing the results you desire, it is most likely that you are doing some of the following: 1. You aren’t posting enough If I checked your Facebook page, would I find that the last time you posted was over a year ago? Consider this: If you went to a concert to see your favorite band, and the band never took the stage, you would probably be left unsatisfied. Those who chose to follow your page did so because they expected to see content, and it's your responsibility to provide it. 2. You are promoting -- not communicating The goal of social media is to start conversations and create relationships. If you are posting nothing but lis...