7 tips for crafting a real estate agent bio that will smoke the competition

How to stand out among your peers
  • Focus on the features and benefits you have to offer as an agent.
  • Keep it personal, interesting and short.
  • Proofread it like an editor, and don’t forget the basic information a client will need.

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With more than half of sellers finding their agent through referrals from family or friends, it can be tempting to ignore your agent bio and focus your marketing time elsewhere. But that would be a mistake. Buyers and sellers commonly consider multiple agents before settling on a choice, and they frequently use online resources to help them make that decision. This means that it’s still extremely important to write a killer bio to attract their business. But you’re a real estate agent, not a writer -- so how do you make sure your bio is professional and engaging? Try these seven tips. 1. Remember features and benefits There’s an adage many marketers and salespeople live by: "Features grab customers’ attention, but benefits are why they buy." Translated to your agent bio, this means that you need to highlight your qualifications (your features), but you also need to show how they benefit a potential buyer or seller. For instance, maybe one of your qualification...