The two biggest Twitter hacks you need to be doing today

  • Understand how to use Twitter to create real conversations with people.
  • Make sure you're getting the most out of Twitter by understanding the @ symbol and how it affects your potential reach.

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Chances are you're screwing up on Twitter. Don't take it personally. I did for a long time, too. Then about a year ago, I learned two things that changed my Twitter account and activity for life. Instead of hoping people followed me and just tweeting marketing and business tips to my 55 followers, I took it upon myself to learn the best practices and implement them. 1. Use Twitter search One of the issues on Twitter is that people follow big brands and people who were famous long before Twitter and try to copy their content strategies. You are not Nike or Beyoncé. This doesn't mean you're doomed for failure, it just means you have to take a different path to Twitter success -- that path starts with Twitter search. Twitter search gives you the ability to find people who are talking about things that are particular to real estate. In the picture below, I wanted to see who was talking about moving to Phoenix, and I wanted to know in real time. So I punched the phrase ...