NAR pres-elect: ‘This ain’t your daddy’s association anymore’

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“Oh my goodness ... how did we get here?” National Association of Realtors (NAR) president-elect Elizabeth Mendenhall asked the 2018 Leadership Summit crowd today. “We’re here. There was some point in some time when someone came to you and said, ‘Do you want to serve in this position?’ And you said 'yes.' You made that choice. You made that choice to be here and to be present, and you made a choice to own it.” Looking back a few weeks, Mendenhall recalled her visit to the White House where there, too, she said to herself, “Oh my gosh … how did I get here?” Mendenhall was there with the existing 2017 leadership team to discuss tax reform with the director of economic council, Gary Cohn. After sharing just a few of the many things he had on his plate -- trying to solve the national budget, keeping Realtors happy (including his mother and father who are Realtors in Ohio), keeping the charitable deduction proponents happy, making schools happy -- he threw ...