5 signs you need to start a real estate team — and how to do it

You are offering your team members value in the opportunity to do better than they would on their own
  • Be deliberate about each step of the team formation process, create profitable systems and hire members dedicated to delivering stellar customer experience.

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What does it take to build a successful real estate team? According to Travis Robertson at Inman Connect, you must be clear on your “big why” and have strong systems, effective lead generation and recruiting strategies, and an understanding of how to structure and compensate your team. Travis Robertson’s learning lab did a deep dive into what it takes to launch and maintain a successful real estate team. Here is an overview of what he covered. Begin with 'why' Robertson believes that successful teams begin with having a purpose bigger than yourself. For example, making other people’s lives better, providing your children with an education or creating a legacy. The strength of "your why" will determine your outcome. 5 signs that you need to start a team According to Robertson, the five signs that you need to start a team are: Your client service is suffering, or you’re answering emails every night after 11 p.m. Your income has plateaued. Income growth follows...