Special Report: Do you have what it takes to be a top buyer’s agent?

How these unsung heroes fight for clients with loyalty, passion and tenacity in the toughest market conditions
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  • Buyer’s agents are going above and beyond for their clients every day.
  • Giving clients the best shot at their dream home requires a mix of creative thinking and doggedness.
  • In this strong seller’s market, knowledge is one thing, but being a master strategist is another.

You might call buyer’s agents the unsung heroes of real estate. These scrappy, loyal and ever-so-patient confidantes guide clients through endless tours, play family counselor during hectic bidding wars and ride a rollercoaster of emotions. Without the glory of a flashy listing, they navigate the home search jungle and ensure buyers have an adviser looking out for their best interests alone -- a U.S. norm that isn’t mirrored around the globe. As Chris Dietz, global EVP of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World points out, in the end, the buyer is the only one bringing money to the closing table in a real estate transaction. Their interests, which are innately at odds with those of the seller, matter too. Click here to view the full report featuring buyer's agent profiles, industry opinions and the full survey results. On the buy side, the stakes are high, the work is grueling and the process can be highly charged. While many sellers are ready to offload their property...