How to boost your lead nurturing with targeted blog content

Blogging is one of the best ways to create value during your follow-up process
  • Write like a human, not like a brand. And you don’t need to close each blog with a hard sell. Useful content speaks louder than a sales pitch.
  • Establishing credibility helps new website visitors feel confident in reaching out to you about working together.

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Every successful real estate agent will tell you that nurturing a healthy pipeline of people who can lead to your next closing is crucial for survival in this business. But creating value during the nurturing process can be a huge challenge. That’s where blogging comes in. If you already have a blog, you may be sitting on a gold mine of opportunity to nurture and convert your leads into closings. In this article you'll learn how to boost your lead nurturing with targeted blog content. But before we start, lets call out the elephant in the room. What’s the point of blogging? "Business people have been writing articles for trade publications for decades to become niche experts. That’s why blogging for business is such a no-brainer, as long as you realize that the content you create is a launch pad for other opportunities that build your brand," said Brian Clark, founder and CEO of Rainmaker Digital. And for real estate agents in the business of generating leads...