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Blend’s mortgage tech attracts $100M funding round

Digital lending rat race heats up as money pours into the space

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Blend, a Silicon Valley-based technology company that seeks to make the lending process for buyers and lenders faster and more straightforward, has raised $100M in Series D funding. "We saw a massive opportunity in Blend and the work they are doing to deliver transparent, frictionless, accessible mortgages for everyone," said Jerry Chen, partner at Greylock Partners in a statement. "Banks and lenders understand the need for innovation, but they can't do it alone. Blend is in a unique position to change the consumer lending industry with an unparalleled team of engineers, designers and product and data experts committed to helping people along their homebuying journey." Blend allows buyers and lenders to go through the loan origination process without mounds of paperwork and keeps them abreast of the loan's progress from beginning to end. Applying for and securing a mortgage remains one of the most painful parts of buying a home. Blend's traction -- along with LoanDepot’...