Hone your systems to maximize your real estate lead ROI

Develop a smart system and apply it consistently to get results

We all know that converting leads to clients is the name of the game. We also know it’s not easy.

This lead conversion challenge mandates that you develop a well-honed process for handling your leads based on diligently measuring your performance and developing a smart strategy. This clarity will help you focus single-mindedly on opportunities, build effective strategies and implement tools that will drastically increase your conversion rate.

For example, think of how you handle fresh leads. How often do you call? Do you call once or make multiple attempts? What’s your success rate in making contact? Are you nurturing those who aren’t ready right now?

Knowing these numbers will make a night-and-day difference in your conversions. Of course, making the time to measure them and tweak your strategy accordingly can be difficult to do, as the daily grind of serving clients and running your business eats up your focus and attention.

Take a moment to review the infographic below. Use it to help you decide which vital areas of your business you should focus on.

Luckily, there are a few tried-and-true activities that will deliver results. We outline three below.

Fill holes in your process

If you don’t have the resources to effectively respond to leads, consider bringing on a service such as lead conversion strategy firm Rock Connections to supplement your efforts. These and similar services will help ensure your lead opportunities don’t fall through the cracks and that you maximize advertising ROI.

Think long-term

Many leads aren’t ready to transact right away. These are perfect for drip-email campaigns.

However, don’t forget about the power of human interaction when incubating these clients. Make notes to periodically reach out. This is your ticket to winning these clients’ business.

Add to your secret sauce

We all have a deal-closing “secret sauce.” Make sure that it includes the following:

  • Educate buyer leads on the importance of mortgage preapproval before house shopping.
  • Ensure leads view you as a subject matter expert by providing them with valuable tools at the first appointment such as a market assessment, a guide for preparing their home to sell, a checklist of things to look for when checking out homes, and a guide that introduces for first-time buyers.

Understanding your business performance will not only create efficiencies for you and your team, but it will also help you implement strategies and leverage tools to maximize your lead generation ROI, and celebrate more closings!

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