10 creative ideas for creating engaging real estate video

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By 2020, Facebook will be mostly video. That means you have two and a half more years to get comfortable with it. A select group of real estate agents are already leveraging it in a big way for their business, but for most, you have yet to embrace it. Why? Fear. You don’t like looking at yourself. You don’t like hearing yourself talk. You don’t know what to say. You feel stupid. It’s too permanent. These are all are irrational fears keeping people from working with you to buy or sell them a house. So let's agree right now that you are going to jump in the pool of video content! Facebook Live videos are watched three-times longer than videos that aren’t live anymore, and people comment on Facebook Live videos at 10-times the rate of regular videos. If the name of the game is user engagement, Facebook Live is where it’s at. But that doesn’t make regular videos obsolete. Here are 10 ways to use video for your real estate business. 1.  Promote an event ...