10 tips for agents ready to jump into Facebook Live with both feet

How real estate pros can use streaming to drive business
  • The time adults spend watching digital video increased to one hour and 16 minutes daily in 2015.
  • Viewers love long-form original content and user-generated live streams.
  • Make sure you check on your live video 24 to 48 hours after you broadcast for more engagement.

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Facebook Live is one of the hottest growing facets of Facebook and is taking the world by storm. We are seeing celebrities, business owners, real estate pros and everyday people broadcast live on Facebook. It is exciting to see! I am a big believer that the reason channels such as Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live are taking off is that we are craving more and more authenticity. Although that buzzword tends to be overused, I think there is something to be said about seeing and hearing someone live and in real time. We also know that people are spending more time watching digital video than ever before. The time adults spend watching digital video each day increased from 21 minutes in 2011 to one hour and 16 minutes in 2015. Facebook Live allows real estate agents and brokers the ability to do a number of things: Create content quickly and easily that tells the story of what it feels like to work with the agent or broker Showcase a sneak-peek behind the scenes ...