Facebook farming: 3 steps to turning your ‘friends’ into clients

Your sphere's word-of-mouth is worth gold — use it to strengthen your credibility
  • To turn your Facebook friends into actual clients: engage, meet up for coffee weekly to ask for business and nurture your influencers.

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Most new real estate agents don’t start with a long list of hot leads and client referrals. Sure, we’re naturally charismatic and have a knack for talking to people, but being voted prom queen doesn’t mean you have a viable real estate business. Three thousand Facebook friends was great for the invite list to your keg parties in college, but how do you transform that online network into potential clients? Have you tried Facebook farming? Please don’t just pick up the phone and start calling Facebook friends asking for business. That’s just as awkward and as weird as it sounds. Try these three steps to convert your Facebook friends to clients. 3 steps to a systematic approach of farming clients from your Facebook friends Step 1: Log into Facebook, and engage I’m not talking about mindless scrolling and liking. Create a list of top influencers from your friend list. Top influencers are people who are well-connected or influential in their respective worlds. ...