Establishing a farm: 6 rapport-building moves for real estate agents

Time, continued effort and superior service are the keys to success
  • When starting a farm, do your research, introduce yourself to the community, attend broker’s opens and open houses and target market your prospects.

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New real estate agents have a hard enough time as it is building their confidence in a new career, learning the language of real estate and managing their newly established small business. So it’s not always easy to determine the best course of action to begin a real estate business. Farming is the key to success. To start, pick a farm in a specific geographic area of about 250 properties. It’s best to target a specific area to become a trusted community expert. Below is a simple business plan of action for a new agent with a limited budget. Gather info on your farm Have your title representative pull the property records, and take a look. You’re about to introduce yourself to these homeowners, so take some time to study the market and learn the basics on each home in the area you’re going to farm. Which properties are owner occupied? What are the property types? Duplex? Apartment buildings? What is the current zoning of the parcels? Are there any planned...