Sharron's Stories

Any holiday is a great excuse to engage with clients. With Halloween right around the corner, here are seven clever real estate agent “tricks” that’ll “treat” your clients to something fun!

Oct 17

First-time homebuyers make mistakes going into the homebuying process, throughout the process and even after they purchase a new home. Because they’ve never done it before!

Sep 26

Most new real estate agents don’t start with a long list of hot leads and client referrals. Sure, we’re naturally charismatic and have a knack for talking to people, but being voted prom queen doesn’t mean you have a viable real estate business.

Sep 13

New real estate agents have a hard enough time as it is building their confidence in a new career, learning the language of real estate and managing their newly established small business.

Sep 11

I know — buying a first home before 30 is a crazy idea. First of all, who wants to buy a new home right now? The market prices are inflated, the mortgage interest rates are rising, who knows what’s going on with the government…all of these factors contribute to an overall sense of hesitation for any age of homebuyer.

Feb 1

Millennials are smart, talented and making decent salaries. But they’re also drowning in a sea of debt, have no money saved and can barely seem to make ends meet, despite having roommates or still living with mom.

Jan 9