What’s your email? 5 proven strategies to grow your mailing list

Consider every encounter an opportunity to grow your newsletter following, and never be afraid to take advantage of it
  • To grow a robust email list, start with a user-friendly website, offer lead magnets, leverage your social media, use offline opportunities and create an ad campaign.

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Having a robust email list is certainly attractive, as it means a larger possibility of nurturing contacts and converting them into clients. That said, while obtaining valid email addresses from your target audience is quite valuable to your business, it is equally as important to know what to do with those new leads. If you are going to set out to capture leads, make sure you have a plan of action to keep those who have expressed interest in your business engaged. Neglecting to craft a follow-up campaign to marketing that is focused on capturing leads will result in wasted time and money. Now that I’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, we can jump straight into the proven strategies to help you capture more email addresses. Have a user-friendly website Visitors aren’t going to sign up for anything that doesn’t provide them with something of value. Therefore, if you didn’t make the value clear from the get-go or if your website is cluttered with different messages ...