10 things you should know about millennials to reach more prospects

How to connect with the largest group of first-time homebuyers
  • Millennials are the future of real estate, and they are tech-savvy. Real estate agents should connect with millennials where they can be reached -- social media.

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It seems that the housing market is experiencing a major shift that is sure to impact the future of real estate for at least another 10 years. As of 2016, millennial first-time buyers have surpassed Gen Xers and baby boomers. Millennials, born between 1980-1998, make up the largest group of first-time homebuyers at 66 percent, followed by Gen X at 26 percent. So how can a real estate agent succeed at reaching more millennial buyers and sellers? In the course of my role as CEO of my company, I meet real estate agents who are hardworking and enthusiastic, but struggling to find prospects. The no. 1 obstacle in the way of their prospecting efforts? Lack of time. How can you get more prospects when your clients are typically unavailable during business hours? This response puzzles me because we live in an age of accelerated efficiency. Technology has empowered us with tools that extend our reach, efficiency and capabilities. In the space of only two hours, I can pay ...