Agents spill their most embarrassing home showing stories

Naked sellers, falling down in front of clients and many more awkward situations

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A home is its owner's castle -- and when kings and queens put their castles up for sale and then invite strangers to tour them, things can get a little blush-worthy. From falling down in front of clients to interrupting a shower to stumbling over, ahem, intimate accoutrements, there's a ton of opportunity to embarrass yourself (or the seller) when a home is listed on the market. We asked real estate agents and brokers in the Inman Coast to Coast Facebook Group to share their most cringe-worthy stories about showing homes for sale. Here are the highlights. The emperor has no clothes If you've never walked in on a seller in his or her birthday suit, then you might be in the minority as an agent. Ontario agent Andrew Fogliato found one seller -- "a 50-year-old heavyset man" -- showering in the house when he arrived with clients. "We. Saw. Everything," he said." The lights in the house were all off, so Fogliato went to investigate while his clients looked at the kitchen. "Tur...