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How to build a real estate brand from scratch in 9 months

Finding a space, creating marketing collateral, hiring staff and figuring it all out in less time than it takes to have a baby
  • Figure out your brand's purpose and values before creating a logo (or even a name). Brand consistency can help put your brokerage at the forefront of your market if you've nailed the basics.
  • Find the right space and craft an office look and feel that supports your brand.

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Stacie Staub It takes nine months from conception to birth to have a baby. If you had to build a business from the ground up in less than nine months, how would you do it? West + Main Homes is a brand-new brokerage in the Denver metro area -- broker-owner Stacie Perrault Staub decided in January to "take the next year to develop a brand totally from scratch," and she presented the results in a session at Inman Connect San Francisco (ICSF). Conceiving West + Main without a name Staub said that her business was kickstarted by an unforeseen event: shortly after she left her old brokerage, it sold, and many of her former agent colleagues reached out to her looking for work. She had already been working with a graphic designer from that company, who fortunately was an independent contractor and didn’t have a noncompete agreement. Even though Staub didn’t yet have a name for her new venture, they were able to start generating concepts together. "Luckily we kind of share a ...