One broker’s love-hate relationship with agent recruitment

Trying to recruit me is a waste of time for the recruiter -- but not a waste of time for me
  • Agent recruitment has been a learning experience, and someday I might be able to recruit agents.

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It seems to be starting early this year. No I'm not talking about the Christmas season. I'm talking about agent recruiting, which I usually associate with the holidays. Barely November and recruiters are sending emails and calling too. It doesn’t seem to matter that I own my own real estate company. Maybe they are using predictive analytics, and I am due for a change. The people who call me like to ask me if I want to make more money and if I would like to have more business. I am supposed to say yes, and then they will buy me coffee and tell me why I am making a big mistake by not joining them. Yesterday, I took the time to do a little research on the companies that are doing the most recruiting and email-dripping. It was challenging because it is hard to tell them apart. They make the same offers and claims to woo perspective agents. They all offer better commission splits or even "the best" commission splits. It used to be a kind of shell game where they offered better...