Agents resist being replaced, not new technology

  • People say real estate agents are resistant to change, but really the only thing they resist is being replaced.

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Fear of change seems to be an almost universal part of the human experience. Part of it is fear of the unknown. Some people are more afraid of it than others. We all know people who fear and resist change so much that they cannot leave bad jobs or terrible relationships. I think real estate agents are among the most adaptive working professionals on the planet. I know there are some who believe agents fear change, resist new ideas and are in some way holding consumers back from having a better buying or selling experience. I disagree, and I resist that narrative. Most of the people I know and work with are fearless. They are the opposite of resistant. They are resilient, adaptable and creative. Usually they won’t resist anything that helps them make money or that keeps their clients happy. In the real estate industry, and in every other industry, the introduction of new technology has caused a lot of change. There hasn’t been a sudden disruption; it has been more lik...