Are you ready for 'instant consumers'? Start prepping at Tech Connect

If you're not ready for the next big tech shift, you could be making an inconvenient (or devastating!) mistake

When Apple released the first iPhone in 2007, no one could predict how the device would influence society — or that we’d still have iPhones in 2018. But those devices have created a world where consumers can look up clothes, furniture and even cars online, ordering new items with a few clicks. The “instant consumer” attitude is already permeating real estate, and the technology is close to catching up. So what does that have to do with your business?

Savvy agents, brokers and real estate technologists know to keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening (because as soon as you stop paying attention, the next new thing will emerge — it’s Murphy’s Law). There’s a full array of educational programming and networking events at Inman Connect, and one of the most valuable for attendees is inevitably Tech Connect, a deep dive into all things real estate tech (and beyond) taking place on Tuesday, January 23.

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Some of the top names from the biggest technology revolutionaries in real estate will share their thoughts and expertise about what’s currently available tech-wise and what’s just around the corner. You will learn:

  • What tech opportunities in 2018 you should be following
  • The truth behind a “fast and furious” transaction — what’s it look like?
  • How virtual reality, 3-D and video are changing the industry (and what’s next)
  • Which tech tools can change how you prospect for listings
  • What the “on-demand consumer” expects, wants and needs from a real estate agent
  • How experts solve tech problems (live on stage)
  • Whether verifying customers is worth the time it takes and how to do it effectively
  • About productivity hacks that really work to save time and money
  • The good, bad and ugly new tech trends that you shouldn’t ignore
  • How digital mortgages work and what you need to know (for yourself and your customers)
  • What new real estate technology companies are working on for the future
  • … And more!

Consumers expect speed and efficiency in every transaction — and real estate is no exception. When the technology catches up to their expectations, don’t let yourself be caught flat-footed; give yourself the education you’ll need to keep pace with industry changes and head to Tech Connect, happening only once in 2018 at Inman Connect New York.

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