4 tips for introverts who want to network like a boss

Yes, introverted real estate agents do exist

Big plans for business in 2018?
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The next few months bring a variety of trade shows, conferences, conventions and summits focused on the real estate industry (ahem! ICNY) and offering the opportunity to research, learn, and most of all, connect. For most people, the rationale for attending such events is that the networking opportunities at meetings like these are second to none. That’s great for those naturally brave souls who never meet a stranger. Real estate agents and brokers are known for being a gregarious bunch, so many real estate-related events offer plenty of sessions centered on networking and face time. But for those of us who are more comfortable talking to others by email or text and who find it hard to walk into a room and dazzle, these events may seem to be a waste of time. After all, what’s the point of going in and standing off to the side, watching others network while we try to get up the nerve to talk to one or two people? Better just skip it. Don’t give up! With a little ...