3 real estate tech trends to keep an eye on in 2018

A look at the next big leaps in the technologies affecting the real estate industry

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Dive into the latest Technology impacting real estate, Jan 22, 2018

Technology is so much part of our daily lives that almost all of the news we consume seems to connect to technology and its uses and abuses. For real estate agents, it seems that every other email in our inbox involves new tech, improved abilities or the challenges posed by tech. Let’s take a look at some of the most buzz-worthy tech topics from this year and find out what to expect in the new year. You might find that what started out as an obscure side note will become a central part of your tech game plan. Artificial intelligence (AI) AI has been in the air this year at Inman conferences as well as in the tech and real estate press. Although many still think of AI in terms of its applications to robotics, in reality, it is just an outgrowth of algorithms, except they have the ability to self-improve and become smarter and self-learning. How you use it now: According to Andrey Nokhrin, CEO of FLIPT, “AI is a complicated topic because there are many different applicatio...