Is withholding from the MLS crossing the fair housing line?

Finding the right buyer may have more implications than you think
  • At the very least, real estate agents need to make homesellers aware that we cannot legally do anything that makes a home for sale only available to a certain group of people.

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Everyone wants to write about fair housing issues for Inman -- said no one ever. It is a lot more fun to write about the latest technology trends and how to get rich. Is fair housing really our problem? As a Realtor, I am required to follow fair housing laws. Fair housing is about being inclusive so that anyone who can pay for it can buy a home that is for sale or an apartment that is for rent. Sure, there are some exceptions, like 55-plus housing for example. Finding 'good neighbors' We all want to have the best neighbors, and often when I list a unit in a small association, the neighbors directly tell me to make sure the unit gets sold to the right kind of people. I always have to assume, because I've never asked, that the kind of neighbor is anyone I can sell the unit to because they qualify for a mortgage or can pay cash. What other qualification could a person possibly need to be a good neighbor? I recently witnessed something that really made me think, and maybe ...