Old house, new tricks: How to sell a historic home

Generate excitement about your listing by accentuating what makes it rare and irreplaceable
  • When showing historic homes, sell potential buyers on the quality of the build, the home’s history and the endless possibilities for their family.

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Historic homes have long attracted homeowners for their classic architecture, original features and storied pasts. However, listing and selling historic homes requires a unique approach that creates context for the property and caters to the home’s attributes and assets. Now, many years into showing and selling the historical homes and estates that characterize New England and the Greater Boston area, I’ve put together a list of three tips for selling these unique estates. 1. Emphasize quality They just don’t make them like they used to. More so than any specific feature, historic homes often attract buyers for that intangible sense of “character” that accompanies a property with a storied past. There is a level of quality and craftsmanship in many features of historic homes that just are not common in more modern builds. No two historic homes are alike, so agents should look to play up the points of character in their listing that make it a truly rare find. The...