4 keys to approaching homeselling like a real estate investor

Sellers should keep an eye on these four building blocks for a better return
  • For higher returns when selling a home, homeowners should learn about these four building blocks: financing, appreciation, costs and equity.

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Homebuying is often a very emotional decision. It’s easy to see why, as your clients’ homes are their sanctuaries that provide stability and fulfill dreams. But there’s no reason your clients can’t also get a sizable return on their investment. The problem is that often homebuyers don’t know how to think about their homes to get a good return. But real estate investors do. And it boils down to four basic building blocks that any of your clients can employ. I call these four building blocks FACE, which stands for financing, appreciation, costs and equity. Here’s how your clients can use them to think like a real estate investor and get great returns. Financing: Choose it based on the expected duration in the home Naturally, financing is the costliest component of homeownership. If your client knows for a fact that she won’t stay in her home a long time, a lower interest rate loan, such as a 7/1 ARM, makes sense as she won’t be there anymore when it adjusts! Her c...