10 data trends you cannot ignore in 2018

Marilyn Wilson and David Charron provide ICNY attendees with some unique insight

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

NEW YORK -- It’s nearly impossible for real estate agents to keep up with the constant change in data trends. It seems as though new ideas and concepts stay with us just long enough to be mastered by some, but grow outdated as soon as the latest and greatest hits the market. This year, however, there are 10 trends that can't be ignored. Marilyn Wilson, founding partner of WAV Group, and David Charron, chief strategy officer of Bright MLS, took the stage in New York City last week to share the following trends with the Inman Connect audience. 1. Business intelligence The ability to take seemingly disparate data points and transform them into a coherent picture that could predict the future is one of the most important skills to acquire, according to Charron. Mastering business intelligence means finding the area where data and commerce converge. “I believe in three years we will making decisions largely in part thanks to business intelligence,” he said. According to Cha...