Denver could be axing ‘slot homes’ as soon as March

Moratorium on the construction of this unconventional architectural style awaiting approval from city

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

If "slot homes" were properties filled with rows of gambling machines, they'd probably be a lot more popular. In reality, these multi-building developments with a unique (some would say ugly) configuration designed to pack more livable units into precious urban space have stirred up quite the controversy in the fast-growing city of Denver. So much so that there actually exists a "Slot Home Task Force" that has voted unanimously to stop accepting design applications of these homes in the city starting as early as March 14, as proposed by two council members, according to local news site the Denverite. There's already a set of rules expected to become law in May that will stop the construction of new slot homes, but that just isn't soon enough for some. As of Tuesday the city's Land Use, Transportation and Committee had passed the moratorium, and now the proposal awaits approval from the full City Council, ABC affiliate the Denver Channel reported Tuesday. What exactly is a...