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ICNY 18: How real estate pros can step up to stop hate

CNN's Sally Kohn talks navigating threats with civil discourse

CNN political commentator Sally Kohn touched on the very real issue of hate in the world, and what real estate professionals can do to bring it to a screeching halt -- even if they aren't part of the problem. "We need to come up with a new rhetoric of culpability to help us talk about things that aren't our fault but are still our problem," Kohn told the audience at Inman Connect New York. "Specifically -- this is where you come in -- problems that can't be fixed without our help." "If we only fix the problems that we cause, nothing's ever going to get better ..." For a perspective on civil discourse coming from the right, check out the ICNY 18 talk by pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson here: "Right and left, let’s start talking to each other." Email Inman...