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ICNY 18: Right and left, let’s start talking to each other

ABC news contributor and pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson on getting back to healthy conversations

Kristen Soltis Anderson, ABC news contributor and pollster, discussed how we can be more civil in her Inman Connect New York talk titled, “Has everyone lost their minds? (Pursuing civility in a crazy world).” Soltis Anderson describes herself as a Republican who is very critical of the president. And she questions whether we are able to have the important conversations necessary to solve the problems stressing us out in the first place if we don’t shift our mindset. “We talk past each other,” she said. “We assume the other side wants something horrible. Rather than wanting something good that may have some unfortunate side effects.” For a perspective coming from the left, check out the ICNY 18 talk given by Sally Kohn of CNN about navigating threats with civil discourse: "How real estate pros can step up to stop hate." Email Inman...