What agents can learn when they ‘stop resisting and start persisting’

A book review of Bernice Ross's 'The PQ Factor'

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 17-20, 2018

2017 proved to be a challenging market for many professionals in our industry. Today, the market pendulum has swung to the seller’s advantage, leaving us once again in need of evaluation and new strategies for staying relevant. In early October, I was provided a copy of real estate coach Bernice Ross’s book, The PQ Factor: Stop Resisting and Start Persisting, for review. Since my initial reading, I have referred to it several times for its insights on self-care for top producing agents -- something not to be left by the wayside as we strive for that relevance. The following is a quick review of Ross's book, and a look at how its notions can positively influence your real estate business. What is PQ, anyway? It stands for Persistence Quotient. A Quotient is a result obtained by dividing one quantity by another. This entire book is about how to leverage persistence to help reach your personal goals. The bulk of my day revolves around helping agents cultivate a str...