Cartus to use predictive analytics technology, interactive timelines

The Realogy company will use 30 years of data to try and help clients anticipate the true costs of relocations

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As part of a push to bring more tech to the forefront of its business model, Cartus Corporation recently announced it will begin using predictive analytics to help its customers -- other businesses -- with their employee relocations. Cartus, a Realogy company, is rolling out its new analytics system in partnership with the firm Ironside to better evaluate the moves and expenses of its customers. The two companies will tap into Cartus's database of 2.3 million relocations to better predict the cost and impact of future moves. The new system, which will be rolled out throughout 2018 and included in Cartus's current costs to customers, will look at the company’s data from the last 30 years, focusing on the the last 15 years in particular. By analyzing this data, Cartus hopes to be able to predict the risks and benefits of any customer's employee relocation before they actually undertake it--including everything from total cost to employee satisfaction and retention. "Those are ...