Doorport wants to install a smart intercom on every apartment building

Startup's technology dubbed 'Arrive' lets residents buzz people in from their phones

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

Ben Taylor had just moved into his first apartment in the Midwest when he came up with an idea to improve it. "I was doing laundry and looked over at the wall and saw the intercom system," Taylor said. "I had the thought, 'Why doesn't this thing connect to my phone?'" It took a little over two years, but Taylor recently debuted the product he thought of in 2015. His startup, Doorport, which he moved to New York City to launch, will sell a smart intercom system called Arrive. "I didn't see anyone doing a smartphone, video intercom on a level every building could adopt," Taylor said. "I saw this obvious need in the market for this, with technology we have in our pockets today." Doorport's intercom turns residents' smartphones into their keycards. Having a connected smartphone in your pocket will automatically unlock the front door. More significantly for residents on-the-go, their phones will also ring when unannounced visitors or FedEx deliverymen push the intercom button. T...