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3 reasons real estate agents should move to an LLC today

Go from having a sales job to running a company

You might think an LLC is just for tax and legal benefits, but there are also crucial business reasons real estate agents should work through an LLC. Separation is crucial The need for separation between your personal and business finances is absolutely crucial. Paying your bills from your business account rather than your personal account feels completely different, and it allows you to actually invest in your own company, rather than deterring it. What gets measured gets managed When you’re working through an LLC, you’ll be keeping a QuickBooks file. This may sound like a daunting task, but you can get bookkeeping done cheap and easy; and the kind of accounting you’ll be doing as an agent is very simple. Plus once you can see your numbers on a proper profit-and-loss statement, you’ll be more equipped to effectively manage your business. Mindset is everything You will be going from having a sales job to running a company. The fundamental part of what you’re doing as...