Miami’s Home61 introduces flat fee for sellers

Miami tech-centric brokerage moves from buying into selling with flat fee model

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Dive into the latest Technology affecting RE, July 17, 2018

Tech-centric Miami brokerage Home61 has found success helping clients buy and rent homes with its emphasis on speed and data. Now it's launching a new business line: a flat fee for home sellers. Home61 clients will pay $6,100 — like the number in Home61’s name — for a dedicated agent who works through a tech platform to list, market, handle viewings for and close their property, the startup announced Thursday. Those agents report back to homeowners every two weeks with the latest updates on their listing. Part of Home61’s philosophy is that homeowners should pay the same amount of money for the same service — not thousands more if their home is worth more money. And homeowners whose homes are worth less shouldn’t worry that they won’t get adequate service. “Companies are coming in with a whole new approach. We’re seeing the market completely changing,” Home61 CEO Olivier Grinda said in an interview with Inman. “The tech revolution everyone has been expe...