Why agent rankings are based on production — not business model

There'll always be haters, but let's be real about the numbers

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Since I was ranked as America’s no. 1 real estate agent on REAL Trends “The Thousand” list, other agents have questioned my ranking. Recently, one agent read a story about how, in 2016, I produced $1.4 billion in new home sales transactions, and commented that I was not a real estate agent, but a “real estate data seller.” He then suggested that I remove myself from the REAL Trends list and “compete against tech companies.” To clarify, I am not “a real estate data seller,” nor have I ever been. I am a real estate agent, and I do what probably every single agent near the top of the REAL Trends list does: I utilize technology to its maximum potential. The difference is, I built my own unique platform, which I use to manage MLS listings for homebuilders. Every single new listing request or change received from a builder client is reviewed by a person before anything is entered in MLS -- as many as 30 times over the life of a listing. My technology-based...