Feeling burned out? How to get excited about real estate again

When you love your job, you're better at it

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Real estate is an amazing career, but it's not always perfect. Many of us struggle in our careers. Maybe you’ve lost the spring in your step, and you're feeling unfulfilled. Or maybe you've forgotten why you’re doing this. I want to help you get back to what you love about your real estate career; it's what I call “renewing your joy.” No matter your profession -- teacher, writer, real estate agent -- if you love what you do, you're going to be much better at it. Sometimes, we just need to remind ourselves that we actually still love it. Get in touch with your passion I have often found that thinking about specific moments (peaks) over the years is just enough to overcome the valleys. Take some time for introspection. When you feel the tugging burden of burnout, ask yourself these questions to reignite your joy: Are you having fun? What is it you like best about the business? Who is your favorite client ever? What’s your favorite thing about being in real...