4 steps to make downsizing easier for clients

Compromising on space does not mean compromising on the future
  • Downsizing is an emotional process; agents should provide solutions to find compromises and help their clients work in steps to optimize their downsizing efforts.

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Real estate agents know firsthand how emotional moving is for their clients. So, when their clients also decide to downsize to a smaller space, moving stresses are amplified. Whether downsizing is welcome news for your clients or not, they will need your guidance during the move. Here are some steps you can follow to help your clients optimize their downsizing process. Step 1: Redefine their needs When you have a client who is downsizing, this should be your mantra: Compromising on space does not mean compromising on the future. Downsizers need to ponder how they will create more joy in their lives with less furniture. Experienced agents know how strong the emotional attachment to objects can be, so you should help your clients tune into what features of their old home they want to keep instead of what objects they want to take. Discuss what elements of their current space are most important to them. This can be done either room-by-room or in a general sense. A smaller...