Tom Ferry’s all-in-one tech suite The Hub, which includes the Contactually-developed Tom Ferry CRM is now available to all agents.

Tom Ferry’s all-in-one tech suite The Hub, which includes the Contactually-developed Tom Ferry CRM, and tools such as Ferry’s referral network, real estate video role plays and business planning and activity tracking tools, is now available to all agents, according to an announcement on Monday.

When launched in August, The Hub was only available as a freebie for Ferry’s clients, who pay anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 per year for the full coaching program. But agents who don’t participate in the program can now access The Hub through three, month-to-month membership options.

“If you have followed Tom Ferry at all, he’s all about trying to improve the real estate experience for everyone,” Tom Ferry  Senior Copywriter Mark Kiely told Inman. “We don’t only want to serve our [coaching] clients. It is our mission to really provide tools and provide training, and we put out so much training for free to agents all the time.”

“The Hub really helps them run their business so much more efficiently and effectively, all for just a very low monthly fee,” he added.

Agents are able to choose from three options that range from $0 to $149 per month:

  • a free membership that includes access to the referral network, business planning, activity tracking, and task management tools, and a resource library
  • a pro membership that includes all the features of the free membership, plus access to the Tom Ferry CRM, video role plays, ‘Sell Like A Rockstar’ video interview series, and the marketing spotlight for $99 per month
  • a pro advanced membership that includes all of the features of the pro membership, plus access to Ferry’s Advanced CRM for $149 per month

The Hub’s main features.

The referral network allows Hub members to send referrals to each other, the video role play feature gives agents the opportunity to practice for scenarios such as listing presentations and client objections in real time with fellow Tom Ferry Hub members, and the business planning and activity tracking tools help agents create and meet their goals.

The Tom Ferry CRM includes the same features as other CRMs, but it has a feature specifically for coaches — a view of their coachee’s dashboard without personal client information so they can see first-hand how their real estate agent clients are doing.

“We’ve been providing the system, the tech part of it,” said Contactually CEO Zvi Band at the time of the launch. “Now what this does is marry that with the coaching side of things.”

The Tom Ferry Advanced CRM simply includes all of the features of the Tom Ferry CRM with added options for drip campaigns, real estate deal tracking, email templates, and ‘best time to send’ marketing alerts.

Kiely says the initial rollout of The Hub was a success and that they’re excited for more agents to take advantage of what the platform has to offer.

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