WATCH: To keep good agents, fire the bad ones

If you want to stop your brokerage from becoming an empty nest, you have to be willing to cut ties with agents who underperform or don't fit the company culture

It’s one thing to recruit great agents, but they do you no good if you’re not able to keep them. How can you incentivize top-producing agents to stick around for the long term?

Paul Aslanian, director of business development and co-founder at BloomTree Realty, and Kevin Markarian of Marker Real Estate shared their advice for retaining talent during a panel at Inman Connect Las Vegas.

Markarian said you should think about your agents like your agents think about their clients, and ask yourself, “What have I done lately for my agents?”

“The value proposition shouldn’t end after we recruit them,” he said. “We need to constantly be showing our agents why they joined and why they are with our company.”

Aslanian adds that part of making your best agents want to stay is being willing to let go of the not-so-great ones. “For me, the leap of faith is being willing to cut off the bad apple,” Aslanian said.

“There are going to be agents that don’t fit your culture. [Firing an agent] is the hardest thing in the world because you’re a recruiter, and you have to bring agents in to let go of agents … but in the long run it definitely paid for itself. You have to be careful not to have culture breakers,” he added.

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