Although we’re about to ease into a summer of uncertainty, agents still have an opportunity to take advantage of the months ahead and rev up their business — and they can start by tackling these 12 strategies.

Virtual open houses, digital closings, conversations from behind face masks — what productivity looks like for real estate agents this summer covers new terrain for all of us. All June, Inman surveys the New Productivity: the tools, skills and insights needed to make it work now.

Even with states across the country reopening and slowly returning back to “normal,” there’s still an air of uncertainty about what the future might look like.

Having said that, we have an opportunity to have a strong second half of the year if we make some changes to the way we do business moving forward.

I put together a list of 12 things that agents and brokers can do to jump-start their business for the rest of the year and either get them back on track or ahead of schedule on their 2020 goals. I’ve shared this list with our team members, and they’re already taking action on several of them. 

1. Revise your social media plan

Revise your social media plan to promote the success you’re having with buyers, not just sellers, as word is spreading about how difficult it is to get offers accepted and find inventory, among other challenges. 

Promote how you’ve solved the problem for your buyers (like how you won multiple-offer situations, got a home for less than asking and other accomplishments). Your social media followers will screenshot those posts and send them to people they know who’re struggling to secure a property right now. 

2. Create a neighborhood Facebook group

Now’s a good time to start a Facebook group. If your neighborhood already has a designated group, you can go ahead and create another that’s a little bit more focused. Think of niches like dads, moms, golfers, boaters, etc.

Once you have your group up and running, be the leader and the go-to resource for everything. Don’t be salesy, and definitely don’t ask for business. People will come to you when they need your services. Get the word out by sending out a neutral, non-branded postcard promoting the neighborhood group, along with instructions on how to join it.

3. Identify 1-2 new scripts

Even if you feel like you have your scripts down pat, there’s also something you can do to improve. This summer, take some time to learn a few new scripts, and master them completely.

4. Recreate your value proposition to your database

When you started the year, there were probably three to four things you planned on doing for your book of business this year. Obviously, the way business is done has changed now.

What are some things you can do to provide value to your clients, given the new way of conducting business? Give this question some thought, and write out your new value-added plan.

5. Implement a 5-star review program

Now more than ever, consumers are relying on online reviews to decide who to allow into their homes or meet for a buyer consult. So, it’s important that you make asking for reviews a higher priority.

We built our client online reviews to over 1,000 by rewarding people with a gift card from a local restaurant to help support the local community.

6. Go over your listing and buyer checklist

Now is a great time to reevaluate your consumer-facing listing and buyer presentations. The way business is done has changed, so you better not be using your pre-COVID-19 plans of actions.

Don’t be one of those agents who says, “Here’s what we do, except this and that have changed.” Instead, be the agent who looks prepared and ready by showing clients new materials with updated information based on the new way of doing business.

7. Rewrite your morning schedule

Now that you’re all settled into your new routine and your old COVID-19 habits are behind you, this is the perfect opportunity to rewrite your new morning schedule.

I’m talking about the time you get up until lunchtime. As always, the focus should be prospecting and lead generation in the morning, so that you can complete your administrative work and appointments in the afternoon.

8. Continue using video

At this point, it’s not a surprise that video has enormous value. So, try to go live on Facebook often, and post updates on new listings and sales. Aside from providing useful information, also pay attention to topics that go beyond the coronavirus. Don’t just share Canva images. Instead, tell stories. 

9. Update your accountability

Step up your accountability plan right now. Think: hourly contact goals, daily mindset readings and end-of-day wins. Pick one thing, and ask for accountability from someone in your office or in your family this summer.

10. Find ways to stand out

Start thinking of ways you can stand out right now. Could you start a nonprofit? Could you partner with a nonprofit? Could you put together a new value proposition to your clients or to prospective agents in the market looking for answers? Use this as a way to stand out from the crowd. 

11. Start your own iBuyer program 

Consider partnering with or starting your own iBuyer program. There’s an appeal to the idea of an instant sale right now. For starters, there are no showings. It’s also less hassle and takes less time. 

Due to these uncertain times, iBuyers will lower their percent of value that they will pay. If you’re thinking about starting your own iBuyer program, you’ll have to come up with a good, catchy name, a landing page and a solid marketing strategy. You could even take it a step further and turn it into an app. 

12. Have a post-COVID-19 business plan

Things have changed, so you need to adjust your business plan accordingly to accommodate for the lull your market likely took during shelter orders. John Giffen had some excellent suggestions on how to adapt your business plan in his column, which you can find here.

Jeff Glover is a Realtor with Jeff Glover & Associates in Michigan.

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