7 things your competition hopes you won’t do
If you slack off on certain facets of your business, your competition will benefit — and they know it. Here's how to avoid losing business
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 15
7 types of real estate agents this market will crush
Some agent types aren't going to survive a downturn. Here's how to avoid being one of them
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 9
Market domination: Adopt these 7 daily habits for explosive growth
Can success really be achieved by consistently doing seven daily activities? It absolutely can. Execute on this plan, and you will get results
by Jimmy Burgess Dec 1
Mauricio Umansky's 8 secrets to setting life-changing goals
A successful year begins with setting smart goals and moving forward with an intentional mindset. Keep your eye on the prize, map out your aspirations, and great things will come your way
by Mauricio Umansky Nov 17
7 things top agents regret putting off
Don't make the same mistakes these top agents did and get these tasks on your to-do list now
by Jimmy Burgess Nov 11
path, rainbow, success
The pathway to success takes hours of mastering mundane activities to earn income, but it can lead to an exciting lifestyle that’s anything but boring
by Carl Medford Nov 3
Going back to basics? Here's what top agents are doing to finish the year strong
Stop listening to the noise right now. Be aware of the market do not let it steal your focus, and get ready to rally your team by getting back to basics
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 27
How to close 15 deals between now and the new year
The market determines your stratey, not your success. There’s 3 months left in 2022, and if you put in the work — despite setbacks and oppositions — you have time to close 15 deals. Here’s how
by Adam Hergenrother Oct 26
boundaries, boundary, setting boundaries
To help empower you to protect your personal life, have a healthier work life and find more time in your day, we've rounded up top tips from Inman contributors. Find out how to set boundaries with yourself and your clients, lay down the law and say no like a champion
by Dani Vanderboegh Oct 25
Get more done! How to leverage automation to lighten your daily workload
If you've put together systems and processes to streamline your business, it's time to automate their implementation for even more efficiency
by Jeremy Knauff Oct 18
Put your Instagram content to work! 3 steps for growing your audience
Don’t have time to create new content for every platform? Check out these three tips for how you can repurpose content you post on Instagram and use it for your email list
7 social media tips every agent should live by
The more value you add to people on social media, the more connections and influence you will develop
by Jimmy Burgess Oct 7
If you’re too comfortable in these five areas, it might be a warning sign that your business is in decline
by Jimmy Burgess Sep 30
How to use a multiple-offer mindset in every bidding scenario
When creating an offer, keeping a multiple-offer mindset is essential. You should always assume the sellers are reviewing multiple offers so you can make sure your client comes out on top
by Tom Toole Sep 9
Get back on track! A 30-day plan to detox from overspending
Being a small business owner in a down economy can feel like a heavy burden, but take heart! Smart budget tactics and collaboration can help you weather the storm
by Rachael Hite Sep 6
Save your coin! 15 thrifty listing lead generation tips for agents
You don't have to break the bank to get listings in this market. Think inside and outside the box, and tap into powerful resources to help you earn more in less time with a whole lot more fun
by Darryl Davis Aug 26
WATCH: What is your plan for surviving a downturn?
Brokers and team leaders are working to find the best solutions possible to weather the downturn. If your first instinct is to cut staff, your instinct might be dead wrong
by Rachael Hite Aug 23
Ready to launch your own brokerage? 5 reasons to start the countdown right now
If you are considering starting a new brokerage, there are many things to consider. From demand to sustainability, these key points will have you covered during your discovery process
by David Walker Aug 4
Get your team back on track! How to bust out of a plateau
Has your team stalled out and bogged you down with more problems than sales? Check your team and your leadership skills with these insights
by Chris Pollinger Jul 28
Is your 2022 business plan holding up? Time for a reboot
Many agents are taking a beat to rethink their business plans they wrote at the beginning of 2022. Is your plan ready to shift with the market?
by B. J. Sonderman Jul 8
Cheers! Bublup offers a better way to organize business: Tech Review
Bublup is business content organization and management software that can store, label, sort and share everything, including web addresses, home tour videos and listing agreements
by Craig C. Rowe Jul 8
7 proven strategies to create referrals when your pipeline is frozen
Does your pipeline feel frozen despite the summer heat? These 7 proven referral source strategies are certain to put some heat back into prospecting efforts
by Oliver Graf Jul 5
Recruiting at the heart of Chime's latest enterprise platform add-on
The innovative sales and marketing technology platform has rolled out a recruiting product as part of its recent evolution as large-scale enterprise player
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 27
Why real estate offers the biggest opportunity to new tech companies
The real estate industry is ripe for innovation. As agents continue to struggle to solve big and small problems, new tech is always welcome
by Georg Chmiel Jun 24
At a glance: A financial guide for for your first year in real estate
This month-over-month financial plan will help walk you through where you should be and help you avoid any cash-flow pitfalls in your first year. Bookmark this handy list — and refer to it often
by Dani Vanderboegh Jun 14
The photo is the future: Agents will never have to enter listing data again
New smart photo technology is poised to help reduce data entry tasks and improve accuracy for agents, all with the ease of snapping a picture
by Joe Jesuele Jun 9
Tune in: 5 podcasts your wallet will thank you for
Fair warning: These podcasts are guaranteed to change how you see money. Keep a notebook handy for some of the thought-provoking and budget-changing advice on offer
by Rachael Hite May 18
Stress less, do more: Pain-free productivity tips to end the year on top
It’s the little things that matter most when it comes to making your workday more fun and productive
by Christy Murdock Apr 6
Give yourself grace: 9 truths women need to hear now
Whether you’re just starting out or scaling up, you may need to take a somewhat different approach to creating leverage in your life and business than your male counterparts. Here are some ideas that are designed to help you get more done and the permission you may need to keep your eye on the things that matter most
by Christy Murdock Mar 25
Compass knocks Realogy from top of T3 Sixty rankings after 23 years
Real estate analytics firm T3 Sixty's latest Real Estate Almanac revealed how complicated the answer to 'Who's the biggest brand in the industry?' can be, with Compass, Realogy and Keller Williams ruling their respective business models
by Marian McPherson Mar 23
Is your day running you? How to own your schedule
When you lose control of your calendar, you lose control of your business. Here's how to take back the power
by Tom Toole Mar 22
COVID caused a 'Great Reshuffling.' Soaring costs are behind a new wave
With priced-out buyers seeking to relocate this spring, real estate agents stressed the importance of referral networks as the latest migration wave comes on the heels of an overheated market
by Taylor Anderson Mar 17
Inman Connect Now Series
Women share the secrets they've learned navigating the real estate world on Inman Connect Now
by Jodie Cordell Mar 14
Hiring new staff on your team? Make the first 100 days count
The first 100 days are critical in setting your newly hired staff member up for success and ensuring a swift return on your team's investment
7 components of a successful 2022 business plan
Establishing a real estate business plan will make you unstoppable because you’ll know your goals and you’ll know how to achieve them. Clarity leads to solid follow-up and execution
by Tom Toole Feb 22
Gary Keller calls 2022 'uncharted territory' in Family Reunion speech
In a 2.5-hour opening address at Keller Williams' 2022 Family Reunion, Gary Keller said agents can navigate the 2022 housing market with good data and excellent service
by Marian McPherson Feb 20
7 Jim Rohn nuggets of wisdom every real estate agent needs
Daily disciplines, seizing opportunities and embracing change are among Rohn's most effective messages. Use them to change your business
by Jimmy Burgess Feb 11
3 secrets to one-on-one communication with staff and agents
One-on-ones give you the opportunity to create positive change and move your organization forward. Here's how to make them more effective
by Chris Pollinger Feb 9
How to future-proof your real estate business in 2022
The market is ever-changing, and it is imperative that you change with it. It's an ongoing process, one that never ends
by Michael Zaransky Feb 1