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Although we're about to ease into a summer of uncertainty, agents still have an opportunity to take advantage of the months ahead and rev up their business — and they can start by tackling these 12 strategies
Jun 25
A Detroit-based agent shares why it's time to stop holding your tongue on racial injustice, plus some resources to better educate yourself
Jun 4
When this situation turns the corner, there will be plenty of business to go around. Here are the actions you need to take now to ensure your business is healthy when things rebound
Mar 30
It’s critical that you have a relationship with prospects at the exact moment they are thinking of pulling the trigger, or you risk losing the client to another agent
Mar 3
Hold yourself accountable for meeting your goals by using this mid-month checkup
Jan 24
Here are 7 trends in the real estate industry that threaten your ability to generate business with your database leads
Dec 30
These market trends will only accelerate in 2020. Are you ready?
Nov 8
You have to ask yourself: Are you making the right decision based on your net, or are you making the decision based on your ego?
Oct 11