Ann's Stories


Investment brokers get asked for stock tips. Attorneys get solicited for free legal advice. Interior designers get asked for decorating tips — and on and on. I find the same to be true for real estate agents. The questions are usually, “Is this a good time to sell/buy a house?” “How’s the market?” or “I read in the newspaper that the housing market is doing well — what do you think?”

Oct 17

New homes will eventually become used homes, and they will depreciate in value because of their less than optimal locations.

Jun 7

The very first time I heard the expression “buyers are liars” was shortly after I started working as Realtor. I was annoyingly surprised that someone would actually say that. So cynical. Buyers aren’t liars, they just know what they like — or so I thought.

Apr 13

Before working in real estate, I worked as systems consultant at one of the big accounting firms. Although I never worked as an accountant or earned a CPA, I had to know accounting for designing systems.

Mar 31

Some homesellers once told me that if they didn’t get their house sold last summer at the sales price they wanted, they would take it off the market before Thanksgiving and wait to put it back on the market after the holidays.

Feb 20

I’ve now been in real estate for over 15 years. It’s been an interesting ride — with the ups and downs of the housing market. Consistently, though, there are several statements that I hear with some regularity. While I’ve learned to stifle a laugh when I hear them, they continue to amuse me.

Feb 10