Anna's Stories

Armed with knowledge and these strategies, you can proactively clear up most homebuyers’ points of confusion or misunderstanding, long before they get trapped in a mortgage they can’t afford
Aug 8
Your clients will be more relaxed and comfortable with your advice, and they’ll come to a decision more easily
Jun 8
It’s all about understanding your audience and delivering service they value
May 16
Keeping the front yard clean, rearranging furniture and getting creative with lighting go a long way
Apr 20
If your clients are having trouble, help them get back on track with these tips
Mar 14
A collapse would be bad news for current residents and property owners alike
Feb 8
It’s likely we’ll see a shakeup in the next few years, if not sooner
Dec 7
It’s going to take one major disruption or reversal in the system for things to start sliding back to affordability
Nov 22