Anna's Stories

Networking isn't about meeting someone on LinkedIn, having a good discussion, and promising to follow up at a later date and time. It goes far beyond that, especially today. Here are a few timely tips
Nov 5
Real estate investing is a competitive and risky game. Although you can't control when a global health crisis strikes, as an aspiring investor, you can protect yourself by adopting these necessary strategies and techniques
May 22
Finding the perfect house takes time — but unfortunately, not a lot of homebuyers are willing to wait. Is your client eager to rush into a contract? Here's what you can do
Mar 9
Thinking of getting into real estate? Get the inside scoop on becoming an agent and what to expect
Dec 23
Taking these classes as a precursor to your real estate license preparation or as a form of continuing education can significantly aid you in becoming a successful agent
Dec 5
As you look for a competitive edge, embrace your own personality and strengths, and look for ways to amplify them
Sep 13
Working with clients from afar can be tough, but these helpful hints will get you on the right path for relocation success
Aug 2
To keep your brokerage's business healthy, you need to maintain a healthy talent pipeline
May 3