Bill's Stories

Many business plan templates are available for real estate agents. And with the new year comes calendar mania, so you’re likely to see a flood of options at the current moment. As a producing real estate agent, I have sifted through countless numbers of business plans in search of one that would truly help me prepare for the year ahead.

Jan 14

I was recently lucky enough to have one of my listings photographed for a Matterport 3-D virtual tour. I lightly use the term photographed because it’s is almost an insult if you have seen the cameras used to scan a room for a 3-D tour.

Jun 8

For anyone who has seen “Harry Potter,” and that is a lot of us, you might recall the scene when Harry Potter receives his invitation to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The invitations come in the home through every which way imaginable. This is a great alliteration to my method: Don’t send only one letter to an expired listing and expect a call; send a bunch, fill the mailbox like Hogwarts.

May 5