Erica's Stories

Here are 5 ways to get your agents to follow up and follow through with those expensive internet leads
Oct 18
Be the one who educates them, provides information and holds their hand when necessary — and please answer the damn phone
Sep 19
Agents who are planning to leave often exhibit a few red flags. Here's what you should look for
Aug 22
It’s already halfway through the year and now is the time to check to see how your year is going financially — and course correct if need be
Jul 18
Get off your soapbox, prove your value to your clients, and go sell a house
Jun 20
Implement these tips consistently, and you’ll make meetings valuable and accessible to all
May 16
Technology for technology’s sake — for bragging rights — is a waste of your time and money. Here's what you should know
Apr 18
Done properly — with solid systems, vendors and technology — property management can be a steady stream of income and fresh clients, even in a shifting market
Mar 21