Nabil's Stories

Many real estate agents often do not know where to send potential homebuyers who have negative credit histories or have defaulted on their previous mortgages. Although they can offer several options, these options might not adequately meet their clients’ needs. Let me explain.

Jul 5

Most real estate professionals want to be well-informed in all elements of the home purchasing process so they can do the best job serving potential homebuyers.

Jun 7

It matters to you how much interest you pay when getting yourself a mortgage, but do you care how much your clients pay in interest cost when they’re buying a home? The truth is, as long they qualify for a loan, you probably don’t care.

Jun 3

Credit Report Security Freeze is basically taking control of our historical data at the three CRAs (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Requesting a Credit Report Security Freeze (CRSF) is a good idea for everyone. However, it’s imperative to a person who receives notice of a data breach. CRSF is the only tool to truly shield ourselves from, and lessen the damages of an actual identity theft.

Nov 9

I have to admit first; but my 25-year-old son Sammy asked for my advice. He’s a T-Mobile customer. He wanted to know if he should sign up for the two-years-free monitoring service — fraud alert — presently being offered by Experian. I described to him the service ineffectiveness in fighting identity theft, and I recommended he initiate a credit report security freeze instead. Why? Let me explain.

Oct 22

When a first-time homebuyer purchases a credit score on the recommendation of a reputable financial institution, he or she will be under the pretense that it’s the same score that will be used when a lender underwrites their loan. Furthermore, advising a first-time homebuyer to visit is great advice; however, is somehow misleading. There is an alternative. Let me explain.

Oct 9

A federal tax lien every so often causes death to a real estate transaction. It shouldn’t. Its solvency or release might require services of a tax attorney. However, in most situations professional help might not be necessary to remove a Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL). Let me explain!

Sep 18

There are many who defaulted on their mortgages because of a job loss or personal disaster, who otherwise would have paid responsibly. These defaulted mortgages resulted in short sales or foreclosures. These defaults were the product of decisions made by homeowners in distress — they aren’t representative of the homeowners’ character.

Jul 30